Personal Encounter

Personal Encounter




A Personal Encounter is a ONE TO ONE space specifically dedicated to work on what overwhelms you, makes you anxious or worries you, in order to transform suffering into an experience of personal growth.


Under the mode of intimate conversation, spiritual tools and knowledge from different sources allow us to find the true "knot" that is waiting to be unraveled and healed.


This process of reaching the truth provides clarity and relief which is so necessary to decompress the heart and mind. With this freedom, it is possible to look forward again to continue on the path of life, perhaps with pain but no longer with suffering, and no doubt, with a concrete action plan to get out of the problem.


The Personal Encounter is carried out by the leader of ALMA, Hagit Rabbi. 


To coordinate the day and time of your Personal Encounter, communicate via email to: or by telephone at: +54911 53050-1420. 


You can also have your Personal Encounter via Skype.



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