The Project

Alma is the result of a deep will to discover the real meaning of life and was founded with the objective to help each human being discover his own highest purpose in life and accomplish his singular and unique potential.

The courses and activities that are developed in Alma are created and designed as different “doors” to make possible each person find the most suitable entrance according to his measure and field of interest where he is willing to grow.

Each door is a source of knowledge and starting point towards an inspiring and strengthening interior experience.

The knowledge about all aspects of human existence as is studied at Alma is based on the book In the Light of Truth – Grail Message by Abd Ru Shin. This master piece presents in a logic and clear way a vision about creation and the world based on the principles of the universal laws and proves that the essence of the human being, his very self, is the soul.

The name Alma expresses the two fundamental pillars of the project. Alma in Spanish means soul, the spiritual part of man and in Aramic it means world or universe. Because the more we know about the universe ans its laws and about the soul and the will strength, the more and better tools we get to create the life we deeply long.