Queen, the secrets of unforgettable women


Imagine that someday somebody tells you that you were born to be a QUEEN, or, rather, that God created women to be QUEENS. If so, how is that most of the women we know do not feel QUEENS and even the opposite? That is, they feel more slaves tan QUEENS. 

  • The secret of True Beauty
  • The secret of the Female Strength
  • The secret of the Mission of Femininity in the World
  • The secret of the Twin Soul Attraction

When you discover these four secrets and you bring them to your life, you will start living like a QUEEN: a woman who goes to sleep every night with a smile on her lips, because she knows that what she wants for herself, she will comply!

  • If you are single or divorced, would you like to go to on dates and feel that you are so attractive that you have many options to choose?
  • If you are married or in a relationship, would you like your man to continue admiring, supporting and pampering you despite the years that you are together?
  • Would you like that your partner protects you in the material world without you having to push him to it, worry about it or even sometimes finance him?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then we have work to do. Shall we continue?

  • Would you like to know how to magnetize the most suitable man for you, your twin soul?
  • Would you like to buy things without guilt? Children first, there are many expenses; we are at the end of the month, etc.
  • When you are alone, do you cook something tasty and healthy and you eat it quietly, or you will grab the first thing that you find in the fridge?
  • Can you say, “i can not” when you do not have strength or will?
  • Do you immediately come away from people who take your energy and transform you into an angry, sad, and exhausted woman?
  • Can you stop helping your husband and the children, actually everyone, automatically, even though they did not ask you and despite that transforms you in a bitter and nervous woman?
  • Can you imagine a life where you have time to do the things you really like, to fulfill your dreams, and not only the things you must do?
  • Do you think that your happiness depends on the way you were raised, what your husband or your children do or do not do? In short, that it does not depend on you
  • Can you accept compliments or you always have a good excuse? No, I do not see me well; I’m still missing 3 kilos; is the makeup, is not me.
  • And the last one: can you stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself all the cute things you have, internal and external? Can you say to yourself: I am an incredible woman?

If you feel identified with any of these questions, QUEEN can guide you to be the woman you want to be.

We invite you to receive the crown you deserve!

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  • Date: Saturday, December 1st
  • Time: 9:30 to 2 pm
  • Location: Scarabaeus 11, rue de la Boucherie L-1247 Luxembourg
  • Price: €80
  • Given by: Hagit Rabbi
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