ALMA Training

Among all the existing spiritual content books this master piece takes up a truly unique place. It can be said that the Grail Message gives holistic explanation about the universe because it offers a complete study of everything that exists from God up to us the human beings.

The expressed intention of the author is to guide serious seekers and bring them closer to life, get them back to God through this work. Consequently the Grail Message is addressed to the human being as an individual without caring about nationality, race or religion.

For love, the Grail Message helps the serious reader to reach a personal conviction about the way and purpose of his own life so that he can find his peace and happiness. So the reader uses his own life as the criteria to confirm the explanations that the Grail Message offers then in that extent the Truth will shine through the Message.

In Alma we offer the study of this master piece weekly in groups. It can also be attended by Skype.  

Previous interview is required.