Why do we need it to succeed in all areas of life?

By Hagit Rabbi

What is inner strength?

I will start this article with a contradiction: I have the recipe for a successful life even though I never aspired to have one. Here is the full explanation for this contradiction: for as long as I can remember, I have only had one question that can be asked in two ways: What is the meaning of life? Or, what does God want from me?

The passion to find the answers guided me to different paths of study and research. Some were formal and academic, others were alternative and self-taught. In many I was a successful student but none of that made me hesitate to leave success in order to take the next step in my search.

So in the year 2000 the masterpiece In the Light of Truth, The Grail Message came into my hands and all my questions were answered. After several years of study I also understood what God wanted me to do in His Creation. God, as Mother Teresa wisely said, does not want us to succeed, but to be committed to our mission whatever it may be. So to be exact, what interests me in life is not to be successful but to help people reach their full potential. This is my mission.

How do we know what God wants from each of us? It’s very simple! We have to recognise our natural talents and develop them for the benefit of all humanity. In my case it is the ability to transform high and intangible concepts into accessible and easy to understand ideas. This is the reason why four years ago I created three basic courses, each specialised in one of the great dimensions of life. The first: Beyond Emotions, to teach us to control our emotional system. The second: From falling in love to loving, dedicated to developing communication skills in couples. The third: Family Ties and Covenants, teaches us how to decipher the symptoms and problems of our children as a mirror of change for parents.

So, no recipe for success! Simply wisdom for life. But when I started to practice the contents of these courses, I discovered that I was transforming myself into a person with incredible inner strength who could apply it to any area of life and for any goal I wanted to achieve.

What does inner strength include? It includes willpower, self-esteem and internal balance. This is exactly what successful men and women have. They are decisive in what they want to achieve, they are sure that they can achieve it (despite the fact their environment thinks otherwise) and have the capacity to overcome internal doubts and moods.

What do Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, J.K. Rowling, Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Oprah Winfrey have in common? Exactly! Everyone has inner strength and this is what allowed him to get extraordinary results.

When people come to me in a Personal Encounter and tell me that they have a dream they want to reach, I know that without inner strength they will not be able to achieve it. Even if they are very talented, have the money, contacts and the best marketing.

So, I wondered how I could help them. With this idea I began to think about how to transform these three courses into a set of exercises that could be used at any time in life. Thus, the 10 exercises of Gym for Life, that also have an extra bonus, were created: they are not only the perfect tools to develop our inner strength but also to take care of our physical health, our partner and our family.

I am convinced that inner strength is not the result of natural talent, but of training. It is true that there are people who are born with a greater force than others, however, with effort, patience and perseverance we can all develop it. That is where life can go beyond what is imaginable.

I invite you to discover your inner strength in Gym for Life

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