An output beyond drugs

By Hagit Rabbi


Who has not experienced at least once in the life the feeling of lack of hope and no way out, of being in a deep well where no ray of light can penetrate and perhaps even the thought that it is better to die? All these sensations we identify them under one word: depression.

In this article, I will try to describe briefly the two main and best-known perspectives to treat depression and I will expand on a third less known depression that is from the spiritual point of view.

The first approach sees depression as a physical problem. For example, if we go to the doctor, this could indicate a series of studies to see if we lack vitamins or check if we have any hormonal imbalance and suggest the appropriate treatment.

Psychiatry, for its part, also sees depression as a physiological problem. In most cases, the product of lack of balance in the brain. For example, low levels of serotonin, could indicate a treatment based on psychotropic drugs.

Other perspective views depression as a psychic, internal problem. If we go to a psychologist and we describe a depression experience, it is very probable that the practitioner will look for some traumatic event that has left marks on our inner world and offer us a therapeutic treatment to heal it.

But sometimes a doctor is not enough and a psychologist is needed, other times the psychologist is not enough and a man of spirit or spiritual master is needed. The word depression in all Latin languages has its root in the word oppression and what is oppressed is the spirit, the true essence of man. The role of the teacher is to help that man release himself. That is, beyond the physical and emotional, there is another part that is not taken into account by previous approaches, and in my experience, is the most important.

Because each person is a world in itself, I cannot give here a unique description on this process that we accompany in ALMA in the Personal Encounter space, but I will try to give some general lines on the spiritual treatment for depression.

First, a depressed person is like someone who has lost the ability to breathe on his own. Just as in those cases the first thing is to give mouth-to-mouth respiration, in spiritual treatment, the first thing is the resuscitation of spirit to spirit. It is a process in which the teacher gives strength to the spirit of the suffering man through transmitting his own energy. This seems complicated and even esoteric, is really a very simple process, in which the man who until then felt that there is no chance, begins to see the light at the end of the road and to feel that there is HOPE.

After an emergency recovery, we must understand that the oppression of the spirit is the consequence of not being in the right lane from the spiritual point of view, and to go forward, the person should look for a deeper meaning for his life. This may imply for some a change of work or even a profession, for others to grow in the area of couple and family, and for others to become aware of their true vocation in this life. How do we know what things we must change to free ourselves from this oppression? Actually, we are all born with the capacity to listen to us but we were losing it by giving too much focus and development to the intellect. That is why the role of the teacher is to teach us to connect with the voice of the spirit, which is no more or less than our own intuition, so with that we can then go on alone.

One more thing that is important to learn is how to strengthen the spirit so that it will not fall in stress and difficult situations that we all face daily in this life. In ALMA this in particular, is studied and practiced through the ten exercises of Gym for Life

Advanced students can also access, through the knowledge of the Grail Message, to the real pray that goes beyond religious belonging, and that can be the strongest pill against the worst depression. In fact, believers (in God) have a lot of inner strength.

It is true that the spiritual path is longer and requires much more time and effort than taking a pill, but whoever decides to take this path, will be guided to understand that the darkest nights make the brightest stars and who is able to strengthen and train their spirit, is capable of conquering the whole world.

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