Change your beliefs change your life

By Hagit Rabbi

Change your beliefs change your life

After hundreds of Personal Encounters, I came to the determined conclusion, that most people do not believe that their dreams can be fulfilled. For example, many want a wonderful couple's life, talk about it out loud, even execute actions to find the desired prince or princess, but when I ask them if they really believe if it is possible, the answers oscillate between: "No, the good men are already engaged, "I'm not enough" and "I hope". 

Thought, word, action and belief are the components of the seed that we sow in the Universe day by day and that at some point we will harvest. In the same way that when we sow a lettuce seed on the ground, we will never be able to harvest rice.

I do not have a scientific proof, but my experiences continue to show me that our beliefs have a determining weight. A belief is like the Wi-Fi signal: it cannot be seen, but it connects you exactly with what you want. In this case with what you BELIEVE.

I risk saying that, between thought, word, action and belief, the belief has 70% of the weight. Therefore, if we have limited or negative beliefs about ourselves or about life, it will be almost impossible to get where we want, even if we think, speak and execute many actions. 

How to change our beliefs and put them to our benefit? First, we must discover and formulate in words the belief that is playing against us. These are usually beliefs planted during childhood and through which we live automatically and without conscience. We call these beliefs in ALMA basic beliefs. For example: fat people are always treated with contempt; whatever I do, nobody will want me; I will never have enough money; life is hard work; a good woman does what her husband says; etc.

Imagine that the belief hangs from your neck like a poster of large letters that any person passing on your way can see and read, and, therefore, give you and reflect what is written. So, if someone believes that fat people are always despised, that is what they will receive. If someone goes on a date with the poster "whatever I do, nobody will want me", in no way she or he will receive a call the next day.

The second step is to configure the new belief. The new belief is chosen in a conscientious way, in positive language and in present tense. For example: "I live in economic abundance" and not: "I do not want to suffer because of money issues". The positive language is fundamental because the Universe does not understand the "no".

The third step is the most difficult. From the moment we declare the new belief, we must begin to act as if we already had what we want to achieve. This does not mean getting out of debt with the credit card because "I live in abundance", but doing actions that bring abundance, accompanied day and night by the new belief. If you are looking for the man of your dreams, prepare a list with all the qualities you want him to have, start practicing what it is like to be the woman of a man like that and live as if you deserve it.

This step demands a very fertile imagination and also a training in keeping the high frequency. This means that nothing inside (doubts, emotions, negative beliefs) or anything from outside (obstacles, opinions) deviates us from the proposed objective.

Do not be content with hope, because hope is the desire for something to happen. Practice and train in creating your beliefs because the belief, when it is sustained over time, becomes the CONVICTION that what I really dream, I will have.

Discovering, formulating and changing beliefs is one of the exercises of GYM FOR LIFE.

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